Training Programs

Physio Asia Academy conducts System Taping Technique programs using Physiofit tapes. These programs are developed by Physiotherapists after extensive clinical application and research on management of pain and dysfunction for patients and athletes.

System Taping Technique

Training Programs: System Taping Technique (STT)

System Taping Technique (STT) education programs are offered by Physio Asia Academy, a training and education division of Physio Asia Therapy Centre. These programs offered across the countries, has been designed to provide a range of opportunities for working health professionals, and medical practitioners who wish to extend the knowledge, skills for the benefit of their clients.

Advanced System Support Taping Technique Introduction to System Taping Technique

The program is designed as basic and advanced level of System Taping Techniques.

Level I: Introduction to System Taping Technique

This is one full day introductory course provides participants understanding and approach of System Support Taping Therapy to various musculo-articular, and vasculo-lymphatic system.

Level II: Advanced System Support Taping Technique

This course provides participants a higher level of understanding of the principles of taping relating to the management of musculo-articular, and lymphatic, and other systems dysfunctions. It involves systematic approach to understand, assess and treat various system.

Course Objectives

  • To explain the importance of clinical reasoning
  • To provide an introduction to the principles of various systems including musculo-articular system and vasculo-lymphatic system.
  • To provide the understanding of safety and ethical approach to System Support Taping Therapy
  • To demonstrate the basic application of System Taping Technique.
  • To allow students to practice various basic application of System Taping Technique.

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